Puerto Rico


A three-way collaboration delves into the paradox of ‘commonwealth’

ICA in Virginia teams with Philadelphia Contemporary and Beta-Local in San Juan

Conservation & Preservation

Puerto Rico prepares to assess toll of powerful earthquakes

A colonial-era church collapses and more damage to historic buildings is expected

Art fairs

After years of debt and disaster, Puerto Rico’s Meca art fair offers economic boon

Opening this week in San Juan, the third edition of the event hopes to help the region on the road to recovery


Google and Lin-Manuel Miranda team up on a project to share Puerto Rican art online

Digitisation effort draws on works from four institutions in a push for cultural preservation

Art market

Exhibitors see steady sales at the second edition of Puerto Rico's MECA art fair

The young art fair re-opened in a new San Juan venue after being delayed by Hurricane Maria damage

Disasters & destruction

New York cemetery opens its doors to art to honour dead migrants and victims of Hurricane Maria

Artist creates an altar incorporating objects from Puerto Rico and invites visitors to add their own

In the frame

Domino effect at Puerto Rico exhibition fundraiser

Defend Puerto Rico activist group puts on charity tournament of the traditional pastime

Art market

Meca fair will return to Puerto Rico for a second edition in November

The only fair dedicated to Caribbean art hopes to be an engine for the island's recovery, bringing in locals and visitors


The road to recovery: Puerto Rican museums regroup after hurricane

Island’s institutions join forces to safeguard collections and plan for future disasters


Frick sends Old Masters to hurricane-hit Puerto Rico

Ten works are due to go on display at the Museo de Arte de Ponce

Tate Britain

Lord Leighton's masterpiece Flaming June to go on display at Tate Britain

The painting will be loaned by Museo de Arte de Ponce in Puerto Rico as it refurbishes its gallery, along with Burne-Jones' Sleep of King Arthur in Avalon

Artist interview

Interview with Allora and Calzadilla on putting everything in context

The duo discuss the political and humorous aspects of their work before a major show at the Moore Space in Miami

Puerto Rico

Inspired by collectors in Florida, a Cuban-born couple have opened a private museum

Bringing a little Miami to San Juan