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'The art in Spain stays mainly off the plane': grim Brexit news from the art buying frontline

I've learned the new political lessons about art shipping the hard way—so you don't have to

Art shipping sector consolidates as Crozier buys Martinspeed

With much-reduced travel and events, the pandemic has been tough on the logistics business and will have lasting effect, Crozier chief says

Art shippers face ‘teething problems’ transporting works to Europe after Brexit

Some air freight crates are being broken open by customs officials in EU, but UK lockdown is posing greater problems, members of the trade say


Brexit: what's next for the UK art market?

Leaving the EU will make business with its member states more difficult but is likely to offer opportunities further afield, says former MEP Daniel Dalton

'Challenging' art market hits Momart's revenue

Art logistics firm's results are down due to "Brexit related and global uncertainty", sharply reducing activity among commercial galleries and auction houses

'Outrageous coup': art world shocked as Boris Johnson suspends parliament

Trade condemns the move and prepares for mayhem of no-deal Brexit

Anna Brady and Anny Shaw. with additional reporting by Riah Pryor
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Momart dispute reveals hazards of shipping art

Call a specialist, you could get a commercial courier


Momart bought by Falkland Island Holdings

The shipping and storage company has been in hot water since the east London fire

Art Basel Miami Beach postponed for a year

It became apparent that hosting the imminent art fair would be unfeasible due to shipping and insurance issues