Openings and expansions: Ceramics at the V&A

Over 3000 objects from 2500CB to the present day on display

Salvador Dalí tea set for V&A

Will be shown in Surreal Things exhibition next year

The new domesticity in Contemporary art

Focus is on the decorative arts at Art Basel Miami Beach


Book review: 'English Pottery 1620-1840' is the harvest of a long and fruitful career:

Robin Hildyard’s book on English pottery is a fitting culmination of his distinguished V&A curatorship

Art marketarchive

Christie’s Picasso sale saw prices soar; but the highest-priced lots were the least desired

Most of the unsold lots were high-value items unlikely to attract new buyers

Art marketarchive

The sale of Chinese porcelain triumphed during Asia Week

Excellent results for an exemplary group of Chinese porcelain

Ming and Qing Chinese ceramics: A flood of fakes from Jingdezhen

Forgers reportedly work to order from Sotheby’s catalogues


Books: Hilary Young, English porcelain, 1745-95

Identifying the common circumstances behind the 18th-century ceramics industry


Two new books examine ceramics from different points of view

One is a technical and stylistic analysis; the other a cultural critique. Both are well worth a read

Clarice Cliff collectors unite

A record-breaking sale and a forthcoming exhibition at Stoke-on-Trent

Art fairsarchive

A marked improvement at Grosvenor House and Olympia

Collectors from all over the world turned up with lots of money and confidence—and so did the British


Ceramics: Blue and white, all right!

A round-up of some recent books on porcelain, pottery and delftware

“Converging Cultures: art & identity in Spanish America”: a much anticipated exhibition

Four years late, the major show of Spanish colonial art and culture reveals the viceroyalties of New Spain and Peru produced during Spanish dominion

V&A exhibition proves Wedgwood has gone to pot

The current exhibition highlights just how weak the products of the modern company are


Updated Getty Museum illustrated catalogue

Charissa Bremer-David et al Decorative Arts: an illustrated summary catalogue of the collections of the J. Paul Getty Museum


Useful dealers' survey responds to market interest in 19th-century ceramics

Outside the canon, but now bought by US Arab and Japanese collectors