Cultural heritage

Warning from Greek Culture Minister: give back the Parthenon Marbles—or your reputation suffers

The Acropolis museum is under construction, and the design for the permanent exhibition is in preparation


Places categorised as UNESCO's World Heritage Sites are subject to immense tourism: what is the effect?

As Unesco celebrates the 30th anniversary of the World Heritage Convention, this book analyses the effects of its policies in developing countries


Koichiro Matsuura dubbed "saviour of Unesco"

On the eve of the 30th anniversary of the World Heritage Convention, Matsuura explains his reform of Unesco and the return of the US to membership after nearly 20 years

Milwaukee Art Museum exhibits Leonardo da Vinci and the splendour of Poland

A new show highlights the oft-forgot historical art collections of Poland


"An absolute political priority": Bamiyan Buddhas may be rebuilt

Unesco will convene an international meeting next month to discuss reconstruction


US imposes import restriction on certain Khmer artefacts

“The pillage of such items from Cambodia is an emergency”


Unesco adopts a new Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage to protect shipwrecks lying in international waters

However, the US and UK say the it conflicts with existing maritime legislation and Russia, Norway, Turkey, and Venezuela vote no


Senatorial pulling power brings Raphaels to France

Despite curators’ protests, the French senate has pushed through a Raphael exhibition at the Musée du Luxembourg, Paris

Negotiating a united front: Berlin's culture minister Christoph Stölzl takes on funding culture in the capital

It risked bankruptcy to become the capital, and a deal with the federal government gives Berlin DM100m a year—providing that plum institutions come under national control

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What's it worth to you? Stonehenge's value is assessed in a recent survey

English Heritage has carried out a contingency valuation of Stonehenge and discovered that 58% of those polled would be prepared to help finance the site’s improvement


Cambodian king urges Prime Minister to put an end to destroying ancient temples for black market trade

Corrupt military officials in cahoots with Thai art dealers are hacking away at the temples

Afghanistan’s historical sites devastated: An up-to-date survey

Looting, conflict and mining have caused terrible destruction

Don’t just berate the thieves: look at the museums and excavators too

In the last of our series which publishes talks given in London this summer, Professor Sir John Boardman, Lincoln Professor Emeritus of classical archaeology and art at Oxford, singles out three areas for concern.

Harnessing the tourist industry to help Mediterranean historical sites

The Getty's floating conference on the conservation of archaeological sites.


Raphael looks after the arts: The EU's new programme for arts and heritage

While many details are yet to be fine-tuned, it should be ready to protect Europe's cultural treasures by the end of the year


Interview with Khamliène Nhouyvanisvong, UNESCO's new Special Representative to Cambodia

He plans to develop learning centres, nominate new World Heritage sites, preservation of monuments, and protection of Angkor


Over 150 ancient and Medieval Egyptian sites hit by October earthquake

Unesco is coordinating a restoration programme for buildings from the Pyramid of Cheops to the Blue Mosque

Let them take their art with them into the afterlife: Achille Bonito Oliva proposes a dignified exit for contemporary works of art

What is the point of restoring modern art? Is it reasonable to treat a Rauschenberg as if it were a Leonardo?

Tug-of-war over baroque church of San Luca in Genoa as baroque gem falls into ruin

The Spinola family has created a Foundation and is looking for sponsors; the State would like to get possession of the sadly-neglected building

Senator presents bill in Parliament to liberalise circulation of Italian archaeological items

The proposal is greeted by suspicion and political posturing within the Italian art and archaeology world and even the Ministry of Culture.


War in Croatia: An open letter in protest of the devastation in Yugoslavia

Signatories include The Art Newspaper's own Anna Somers Cocks

The splendour of ruins?

To resurrect or not to resurrect Dresden’s Frauenkirche, which has been left in ruins as a slowly decaying war memorial

The law of war: The Hague Convention as military necessity or military convenience?

The 1954 convention is the product of nearly a century’s thought about cultural property in which it is implicit that it is the heritage of all mankind