Fakes & copies

Spanish brothers implicated in sale of fakes to Knoedler & Co to be extradited

Spain have consented to sending José Carlos and Jesús Ángel Bergantiños back to the US where they can be charged

Disputes in Russia concerning the authenticity of many works attributed to Malevich circulating the Russian art market

As a major Malevich show opens in London, claims grow that the avant-garde market is still plagued by the fakes


‘Lost Raphael’ surfaces in Spain

The University of Granada says it has found an authentic copy of Raphael’s Madonna of Foligno

More questions than answers after ‘miraculous’ Russian avant-garde show

Specialists express concern about lack of provenance for works by artists including Rodchenko and Goncharova in Italian exhibition


Fake graffiti reach courts as forgeries on market increase

Man charged with selling works imitating US artist JonOne as genre’s popularity continues to grow


Fakes still on the market as Knoedler victims sue

New lawsuits filed after we publish list of those who bought forgeries—some of which have not been traced


Names of buyers deceived by Knoedler Gallery fakes disclosed

The document details museums, art dealers and private collectors who have brought charges against the gallery and its disgraced director

British Museum expert says griffin returned to Iran is fake

Scepticism grows about confiscated silver vessel handed over by the US as an act of diplomacy

More victims of Abstract Expressionist fakes scandal revealed

In court documents, Knoedler lists the buyers and prices paid for works brought to the gallery by Glafira Rosales

New allegations in Knoedler fakes case examine gallerys finances

The gallery would have been operating at a major loss without the sale of works brought by Rosales, collectors say in amended complaints

Bacon estate says lover’s brother sold fakes

New details emerge in British courts about disputed drawings that first emerged in Italy


Who sued whom: A comprehensive timeline of the Knoedler lawsuits

How a forgery scandal brought about the downfall of New York's most prestigious gallery

AbEx fakes scandal silences the experts, situation “already as bad as it can get” amid lawsuits

In a time of increased importance on authentication, specialists are holding back in the hope of avoiding the worst.

National Institute of Independent Expertise founded to root out fakes in Russian art market

The organisation, the brainchild of coin collector Vladimir Kazakov and The East European Auction house, aims to ensure that the provenance of a piece has been checked via an unbiased system


Russian avant-garde forgery case spreads to Israel

After hundreds of works are seized in Germany, police swoop in Tel Aviv

Leonardo copy undergoes restoration at Musée National de la Renaissance

A little-known copy of Leonardo’s The Last Supper by Marco d’Oggiono will get a thorough clean


Romero Britto and his dealers sued over forgeries

The artist is implicated in scheme, allegedly allowing fakes to circulate


How the detection of titanium white gave away Beltracchi

The pigment proved Beltracchi's version was inauthentic, since it was not in use at the time that the original was painted


Knoedler saga shows no sign of abating after last month's settlement as multiple suits remain unresolved

Several of the New York gallery's representatives have been indicted for engineering the sale of Abstract Expressionist forgeries

Scholars absent from State Hermitage Museum conference with controversial Degas bronzes on the agenda

Experts have been silenced by fears of legal action if doubts regarding the sculptures' legitimacy are voiced

Art marketarchive

Was the Knoedler gallery warned about fakes?

The family of the artist Richard Diebenkorn says it alerted the gallery to fakes before they were sold

Beltracchi admits to faking the work of an estimated 50 artists in German interview

In 2011, he was given six years jail time for what was then understood to be a much smaller number of reproductions


Dealer Gary Tatintsian takes Lew Nussberg to court over fake Malevich drawings after scientific analysis

The case has proved to be colourful, with Tatintsian counter suing Nussberg for at least $62m

March 2012archive

Arrest in latest Prouvé fakes case

Three dealers say initial complaints were dismissed by Artcurial specialists

Dealer uses intimidation tactics at Parisian Giacometti foundation in mission to recover forged lamps

Policy decrees that works determined to be fake must be handed over to the authorities so that they cannot re-enter the market

Park West sued again

They deny selling fake Dalí works

Earliest copy of Mona Lisa found in Prado

Experts say the painting was completed at the same time as Leonardo’s original

Police investigate allegedly fake photographs sold at Artcurial Deauville

The works were supposedly from the artist’s family and "rediscovered"