J.M.W. Turner

Turner and Claude exhibited together in 'Pure as Italian Air'

Unfortunately this excellent showcase of the master of landscape has been overlooked due to its lack of catalogue


Insurance deal for £24 million stolen Turners

Museum buys back title to the pictures and keeps part of the insurance money

Current exhibitions and publications on Turner: No stone left unturned

As the exhibition on Ruskin’s championship of Turner opens at the Tate, this crop of catalogues returns a timely harvest of Turner scholarship

Tate's exhibition explores the modernity of Ruskin's views on art

His support of modern art was characterised by a missionary zeal

Tate Turner thieves convicted

Unrecovered paintings stolen in Frankfurt, 1994.


Insurance payouts for the Tate as Turners remain missing

Following thefts, Tate receives funds to repurchase works stolen in Frankfurt