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Rocket man: Uli Sigg on how he began collecting art while working in North Korea

“There will be some protests,” predicts the Swiss collector ahead of a Kunstmuseum Bern show of works from both sides of the Korean border

South Korea confronts legacy of 1980 massacre at this year's Gwangju Biennale

The biennial will highlight the conflicting narratives of the deadly uprising that paved the way for democracy

London exhibition examines 'tragic absurdity' at the Korean border

Group show at Korean Cultural Centre UK combines photography, installations and archival material to explore one of the world's most heavily militarised zones

British Museum positions itself as a European expert on Korean art with major conservation project

It is the first Western institution to launch a long-term project to study and conserve pictorial art from the country

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Tax breaks fuel Korean sales

Buyers were active in recent auctions and three new art funds have been started


Collector profile: The unstoppable Mr Kim

Businessman, artist, collector—and dealer?

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Korea's National Museum of Contemporary Art and Ministry of Culture to invest in domestic art

For the first time, public money is being put into the art scene by the Korean government

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Following the postponement of Asia Week due to the World Trade Centre attack, sales flopped amid scant enthusiasm

Gandharan sculpture did well in an otherwise difficult week at the postponed Sotheby’s and Christie’s auctions

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There has been a softening in the middle-range of the art market

Percentage rates are down in many areas for the first half of the season

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Sotheby’s postpones Korean sales sine die

Western twentieth-century art may begin to flow back from Korea

Korean art at the V&A

New space sponsored by Samsung corporation