Queen to send Leonardos on UK tour

Celebrating Prince Charles' 60th with 10 of the master's best works

Buccleuch family Leonardo found

Ninth Duke did not live to see his painting returned

The National Gallery discloses further information on Raphael's "Madonna of the pinks"

Still excluded from the material was correspondence we had requested relating to the final price of £22 million

The Accademia to create a new gallery for Leonardo’s Vitruvian Man

The expansion and renovation project will enable it to put its drawings on permanent display

Books: What is all the fuss about Leonardo? Martin Kemp and Charles Nicholl try to decipher the master

Two books try to shed new light on why Leonardo continues to exert a fascination for scholars, art historians and the public


The production of works for garth and home

The production of works for garth and home

£100,000 reward for Leonardo’s Madonna stolen in Scotland

The Duke of Buccleuch's disputed masterpiece has yet to be found

Books: Leonardo as larger-than-life, but also human

Two studies of the Renaissance artist’s works reveal divergent assumptions about interpretation


Spring books: US. Decorative arts to the fore

Photography, Asian art, the art of antiquity, Old Masters, and historiography are also among the topics covered

Leonardo da Vinci the master draughtsman at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

A new exhibition takes a closer look at Leonardo's work on paper

Drawings by Leonardo da Vinci from the Royal Collection go on Golden Jubilee tour

The Queen's collection begin their celebratory journey in Graves Art Gallery Sheffield


Oriental origins of Italian Renaissance art

How Islamic decorative arts influenced 15th- and 16th-century Western artists

Victoria and Albert Museum plans £150 million radical rethink of the displays

Among the first tasks to be tackled is the complete refurbishment of the Medieval and Renaissance Galleries.

Carter Brown’s Leonardo to be auctioned

The Christie's estimate puts its worth over £3.5 million

Titian and Raphael portraits that launched 1,000 faces

Raphael’s “Donna Velata” and Titian’s “Young Englishman” have become two of the most influential paintings by Renaissance masters

The Last Supper restoration: What the media said

The conclusion of the twenty-year project to restore Leonardo’s famous fresco has made headlines around the world The Art Newspaper presents a selection of reactions from the newspapers

Ashmolean shows Renaissance bronzes with Daniel Katz

Centenary of collector, C.D.E. Fortnum, celebrated with exhibition and lectures at Society of Antiquaries

The director of one of Italy’s top restoration laboratories responds to denunciations of work carried out on Leonardo's Last Supper

Bonsanti defends the twenty-year project that hoped to breathe life back into the wreck of one of Leonardo's masterworks

Portraiture and physiognomy exhibition shows Leonardo as the father of Western soul-searching

The relationship between painting and physiognomy explored in Milan, from Da Vinci to Bacon

Leonardo's Last Supper restored: A wreck, but an authentic wreck

A twenty -year restoration project has removed many layers of overpainting