Former Christie's director launches online venture

“We are a technology platform, not an auction house,” said Mark Poltimore in 2000. The onetime auction boss wants to make European sales more accessible to US and UK audiences


Deliberation over ownership of submerged vessels and their booty at the bottom of the ocean leads to Unesco intervention

An estimated three million shipwrecks lay undiscovered. UNESCO is calling for a global treaty to protect them. Salvors say it is unrealistic and unworkable, despite developments in deep-sea exploration technology

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How the internet will change the art market: the new kids on the block are smarter than you think

The advice on how to be successful in the online world offered here in 2000 centred on building a community and having a shared sense of purpose and trust


Where underwater treasure-hunters go, legislation must follow: Unesco's proposal explained

Unesco is calling for a global treaty to prevent commercial interests from destroying shipwrecks found in international waters


Radar imaging reveals ancient Cambodian ruins

Evidence of an earlier culture is found in the jungle surrounding Angkor

The search for ancient Alexandria goes underwater

The greatest city of the Hellenistic age has been neglected by archaeology for decades. Now underwater survey techniques have provided us with glimpses of the centre’s greatness. But many decry the techniques being used

Conservators fighting fire and time for the Royal Academy

Sculptor conservators Taylor Pearce are working on Windsor, Westminster Cathedral and Westminster Hall

Radar helps find amphitheatre without digging

New combination of techniques leads to important finds at ancient Italica