Ancient Egypt


Gilded coffin gives Met a golden opportunity

To prevent similar high-profile losses in the future, the Met should hire a permanent, full-time provenance curator

St. Louis show sniffs out why Egyptians smashed noses

Exhibition at the Pulitzer Arts Foundation explores how Pharaohs and Christians alike went in for vandalising and “killing” icons

King Tutankhamun’s treasures come to London's Saatchi Gallery before returning to Egypt forever

150 ancient artefacts will be displayed in a major exhibition commemorating the centenary of the discovery of the pharaoh’s tomb

Tutankhamun treasure tour exhibition drums up funds for new Egyptian museum

Travelling show of 150 artefacts started in Los Angeles and is going to Paris and London

British Museum teams up with Louvre for revamp of Egyptian Museum in Cairo

But the disputed treasure, the Rosetta Stone, will remain in London

Berlin Kulturforum surveys the long history of alchemy

Spanning 3000 years, the exhibition covers the Egyptian origins of alchemy to its influence on contemporary artists such as Koons

Sex changes: ancient Egypt and contemporary feminism at the Brooklyn Museum

Recent research explains why women masqueraded as men on their coffins

The Greeks in Egypt: on Sunken Cities at the British Museum

The exhibition explores the interactions between two great civilizations

Pimp my coffin: Ancient Egyptian priest changed sarcophagus as his career progressed

Research for Fitzwilliam Museum's new show reveals that in antiquity funerary arrangements were made well in advance

Have mummies, will travel

CT scans reveal secrets of Field Museum’s Peruvian and Egyptian treasures before they are sent on the road

"Naked scanners" being used to research mummies

A new use for airport screening technology

“This mask belongs to Egypt”: Zahi Hawass demands repatriation of ancient Saqqara mask

Hawass, head of Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities, is asking the St Louis Art Museum to return an supposedly looted antiquity

Mask on display at St Louis Art Museum "belongs to Egypt”

Zahi Hawass, head of Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities, is asking the museum to return an antiquity he says was looted from Saqqara

François Pinault loses Egyptian antiquity case

Controversy over statue which dates from 1850-1720 BC

Agatha Christie and the Orient: Adventures on the Nile.

With over 200 objects on loan from the British Museum an exhibition which charts Agatha Christie’s travels in the Orient.

The search for ancient Alexandria goes underwater

The greatest city of the Hellenistic age has been neglected by archaeology for decades. Now underwater survey techniques have provided us with glimpses of the centre’s greatness. But many decry the techniques being used

Womens’ rights campaigner, Mme Sadat, supports an Egyptian show with a pc twist

"Mistress of the House, Mistress of Heaven” is at the Brooklyn Museum 20 October - 5 January 1997

Grand designs for Cairo Egyptian Museum include expansions and virtual restitution

After many set backs a new building is finally in the works, as well as plans for a modern solution to the dispersal of Egypt's treasures