Musée du Louvre


Emperor Constantine's giant finger found in the Louvre

Ancient object—initially believed to be a toe—perfectly fits the hand of ancient bronze statue in Rome's Musei Capitolini

How Delacroix went from lycée dropout to establishment favourite

Exhibition at the Musée du Louvre is first major survey of the painter’s work in more than 50 years

Louvre’s director: we are active in 75 countries

Jean-Luc Martinez says the museum’s international projects have skyrocketed over the past five years

Louvre director Jean-Luc Martinez’s contract extended for three more years

Paris museum chief must focus on partnerships with Asia and sustained attendance, culture minister says

Louvre says ‘non’ to minister’s Mona Lisa grand tour

Françoise Nyssen proposed lending the work as a way to fight “cultural segregation”

Activists protest Louvre's oil ties

Paris-based group criticises sponsorship by French oil company Total

Against the odds, Louvre exhibition opens in Tehran in historic deal

French museum became first cultural institution to secure ties with Islamic regime after sanctions lifted in 2016

Louvre shines a light on Nazi loot

Museum hopes to find rightful heirs through display of spoliated works

Paris news

Rising river Seine causes closures at Musée du Louvre

Paris museum has shut its Islamic Arts department, while Musée d'Orsay and Musée de l'Orangerie are also on high alert

Louvre Abu Dhabi to open with a Leonardo?

The artist's La Belle Ferronnière is the subject of loan discussions

The Louvre aims to acquire art of the Mexican school in bid to widen its geographical remit

Paris museum is on a mission to collect Latin American art—and a show of colonial-era paintings is the overture

Raphael’s prep work on show at the Städel Museum

11 of the museum's works will be exhibited alongside 40 others loaned from around the world

Prodigious, prolific, phenomenal: Raphael’s last 17 years in Rome on show at the Louvre

The Prado and the Louvre collaborate for a once-in-a-lifetime exhibition

Turkey turns up the heat on foreign museums as list of antiquities demanded gets longer

More exhibitions are hit by the loans boycott as Turkey pushes for restitution

Louvre’s Leonardo conservation plan leads to resignation

Fears it will affect the sfumato of the piece are growing

Anger over Louvre’s plan to clean Leonardo's Virgin and Child with Saint Anne

Specialists fear artist’s “smoky finish” effect may be harmed


Exhibition of Iranian antiquities to be held at the Louvre in 2013

Iran's Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organisation will supervise preparations


Iraq war thwarts loans to Louvre for “Babylon” show

Negotiations have lasted five years only to fall through due to security issues

Art fairsarchive

Fiac bounces back thanks to homegrown collectors

François Pinault, Bernard Arnault and Claude Berri attended, among many others

Louvre gets a taste of US sponsorship as Atlanta's High Museum pays $10m to borrow works by Raphael, Rembrandt and Velázquez

The money will restore the French museum's 18th-century decorative art galleries and the collaboration seeks to improve US-French relations in the wake of the Iraq War


Breaking down the maths of museum earnings: An ominous assessment of exhibition profits

There is a basic problem in suggesting that earned income can keep a museum afloat

A warmer welcome for Americans at the Louvre as some wall texts are translated into English and Spanish

American Express and American Friends of the Louvre are making their mark on the French institution

New “anti-terrorist” display case for the Mona Lisa

After 500 years, Leonardo’s fragile portrait is starting to warp

Tanagra: myth and archaeology

New exhibition at the Louvre, Paris.