Flipping, freeports and fakers: the commodification of fine art

Second volume of Georgina Adam’s analysis of the art market looks at the darker side of the trade

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Concurrent surveys in Austrian capital investigate the Old Masters' imaginative resources

Crowns made of chicken bones: on Eugene Von Bruenchenhein

A show of the artist's work in Sheboygan is sure to spur more interest in his art and life

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The show, which was met with protest before it even opened, packs a punch

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An exhibition on post-war art proves a little too ambitious

How New York made Mondrian truly Modern

The artist was brilliant long before he came to the city, but his US works are his greatest achievements

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Disorientation over the designer's work has settled into quaint admiration

An imitation, not a copy: Richard Shiff on what Bridget Riley learned from Georges Seurat

Riley had a formative encounter with the Pointillist's work early in her career

Grandma Moses: behind the folksy images, a canny operator

An exhibition in Vermont of the work of the early Outsider artist looks behind the icon of Yankee charm

The hell of modern media: on Robert Rauschenberg's Dante series

A new book on the drawings synthesises a range of information, but leaves certain questions unanswered


Boom and bust in Kassel and Athens

Documenta 14 sets itself in opposition to neoliberalism and the art market — but will it pave the way to greater excess?

Protean- rich: on the Gerhard Richter catalogue raisonné

The latest volume reveals Gerhard Richter’s variable but not always successful styles

Lime, sand and animal hair: on 18th-century British interiors

There was an extraordinary flowering of stucco decoration in the period at hand

What would Oscar Wilde have made of the fuss? On Queer British art at Tate Britain

The museum celebrates the artists who had to hide their sexuality

First renowned, then overlooked, now rediscovered: on Edme Bouchardon

The artist worked with obsessional care, but only now is his versatility being recognised

Adjusted to fit: on Louise Lawler at MoMA

Lawler's work proves that conditions of display have a heavy bearing on how we see art and its history

Towering triumph: on the scholarly resurrection of Joseph de Levis

The Renaissance bronze-founder has been brought back to life by scholarly research

Your mind is not a computer: on Ian Cheng at MoMA PS1

The artist has a techno-determinist view of human development

Ancient China: a crossroads to the world

A landmark exhibition at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art is powered by new scholarship and archaeological discoveries

A panoply of plastic poses: on Emma Hamilton

A new book explores her extraordinary personal and social transformations

The Donald Trump style of art history

The greatest works of Western art vindicate the US president’s ideas of democracy, according to his senior director for strategic assessments

Worth the pilgrimage: on Francesco de Mura at Vassar College

Much of this long-neglected Baroque artist's work is lost, but what remains is worth another look