Banking and benevolence: on the Rothschild family

A century and a half of generosity is recorded in a wide-ranging history of the family

The road to the Venice Biennale is paved with good intentions

Curator Christine Macel’s worthy aims of saving the planet and helping refugees has seriously backfired

Circumstantial evidence clinches the case: how careful archaeology corrects misunderstandings

A new book will undoubtedly change the way we talk and think about Early Cycladic objects

A weak sketch of influence: on John Latham at the Serpentine Galleries

The influential artist's work does not inspire the richest ideas in the exhibition

A bottomless repository of culture: on illuminated Medieval manuscripts

There are remarkable riches to be mined from a group of new books

Dissatisfactions and aspirations in pen and ink

A multifaceted artist’s monumental engagements with drawing

Worth the detour: on the National Gallery's lesser-known Renaissance masterpieces

Works from Bologna and Ferrara are the subject of a comprehensive new catalogue

How Matisse helped Diebenkorn calm his ‘rage at human nature’

The American artist learned much from his French predecessor, but his sense of disquiet was his own

Nudity, high living, intense emotion, danger, tragedy and erotic allure

A new book looks at Roman choices of mythological subjects

The champion of the new: Kenneth Baker on the Dwan Gallery at Lacma

An exhibition examining Virginia Dwan's Los Angeles and New York galleries reminds our critic of times past

More patriarch than dictator

Their symbiotic relationship is the subject of a new book

To break through the Modernist cube: on Lygia Pape at the Met Breuer

The artist's work is part of a broad tendency to escape the bounds of Modernism, but it is complicated by its nostalgic mood

The connoisseurs’ preserve needs expansion

The study of carpets has changed little since the 19th century and new approaches are needed

Let perception be your guide: how to see the Rococo

A virtual reality tour of an 18th-century German abbey

Life at the high end: what it is like to work at an auction house

Memoirs by Charles Hindlip and Simon de Pury, and a history of Christie’s, shed light from above

The whole world in wood and copper

Prints were the main source of visual (mis)information for three centuries

How Eduardo Paolozzi channelled the chaos of Modern life

The artist’s relevance to our disruptive digital age shines through in a Whitechapel survey

The persistent disbeliever: on Donald Judd's writings

A new book of his collected essays reveals the ferocity with which he questioned almost everything

Oedipal susceptibilities: on rivalry and friendship among artists

Skilfully interwoven stories cast new light on the artistic and personal dynamics behind some of the greatest works of Modern art

The comprehensive corpus on Peter Paul Rubens

Two new titles are added to the peerless catalogue of Rubens’s work

Marsden Hartley's Maine: what the Modern painter took from his home state—and what he left behind

An exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum looks at the profound role Maine played in peripatetic artist's life and work

The grandfather of Post-Modernism

Picabia at his most brilliant, perverse and energetic

Did he influence Dürer or Dürer him? On Jacopo de’ Barbari

As an artist, Jacopo de’ Barbari became almost invisible

Snapshot from a brighter moment: the 2017 Whitney Biennial reflects a pre-Trump America

Many of the works in this year’s exhibition respond to the country’s social tensions, but the pressing question about what art can do during a crisis remains unanswered

The devil is always lurking: on Hieronymous Bosch

A survey of the best books that have come out of Hieronymus Bosch’s quincentenary

When the American dream almost died: on After the Fall at the Royal Academy of Arts

The Great Depression led to range of responses by American artists, whose works are on show in London

Artist to artist: Dara Birnbaum on Marisa Merz

The video artist takes us on a tour of Merz’s Met Breuer retrospective and explains why her smaller work is best