Art history


Thomas Kabdebo's "Tracking Giorgione" reviewed

The author is hindered by his own technique


Books: French culture under the Nazis

How artists and the arts fared under the Vichy regime and the German occupation of France, 1940-44

The Cold War may be over, but it is still being fought in terms of its artists

With LACMA's “Art of Two Germanys/Cold War Cultures” opening soon, the artistic heritage of Germany is again under the microscope


Art in the media: Light and dark after the war at the Ferus Gallery and in the art of Georg Baselitz

Ostensibly disparate films illuminate art after the end of World War II

New York’s women on film

Chiara Clemente's "Our City Dreams" at Art Basel

The real meaning of Rubens’ women

A new analysis suggests the artist was sending mixed messages in his work


The art world’s Christmas reading

Artists, collectors, critics, museum directors and auction house executives pick their holiday books


Books: Two books attempt to correct views of pre-Raphaelite art—held by no one

Traditional understandings of the brotherhood are addressed, again


Books: American art from Norsemen to Culture Wars

A well-written history of art in North America for students

Letter: Modigliani needs art historical approach

Dr Kenneth Wayne says scholarship is the way forward

The publication of 'The splendour of Iran' is a landmark of the independence of native academics.

Archaeologically, architecturally and art-historically, Iran is very much on the move


Books: Latest assessment of Anselm Kiefer proves to be a book without a spine

An uncritical, adoring treatment of the artist has not served him well

The public may decide the fate of Leonardo’s “Adoration of the Magi”

Antonio Paolucci states he will halt the Uffizi’s planned restoration of the painting if he hears convincing arguments as to why it should not take place

A new book explores Walter Sickert's innovative work as a printmaker

Nine years of painstaking research have revealed this technically adventurous side of the artist’s work


The use of American art in the Cold War

This book reveals how the CIA’s promoted US artists as a way of stopping the spread of Communism in the years after World War II


Books: Expanding on Hallmark's photographic collection

This second edition includes even more of the collection, providing a fine survey of the medium in America


Books: Essays on sex, gender and identity in Dada

Naomi Sawelson-Gorse edits this collection on the often overlooked women of Dada