20th Century

“Art nouveau” at the V&A and “1900” at the Grand Palais. Unity of the arts

Artists and designers 100 years ago were united in their embrace of modernity

Joseph Beuys' multiples on show at the Irish Museum of Modern Art

These works embodying the egalitarian nature of multiples have ironically been hidden from view until now

Art marketarchive

Ritzy auction prices for homespun objects: American Arts and Crafts design receives boost in popularity from Barbra Streisand

“At least thirty collectors are spending $200,000-500,000 a year at auction” on this branch of the decorative arts

Ninetieth-birthday tributes to Cartier-Bresson at the V&A

The exhibition includes many highlights from the immense collection

Art fairsarchive

Established fair experiments in Art Cologne's twenty-third year

Big names for private collectors and big sculptures for museum curators

Clarice Cliff collectors unite

A record-breaking sale and a forthcoming exhibition at Stoke-on-Trent


Lives of the collectors: Norton Simon and Hans Berggruen. Culture clash

Similar in many ways, the subjects of these two biographies present contrasting styles of operation in the art market

Art marketarchive

Twentieth-century design sales in the US... Tiffany glass continues to climb

Twentieth-century decorative arts sales confirm prize prices for iconic furnishinings

The Windsor sale: Stéphane Boudin and the rise and rise of the decorator

Once upon a time, connoisseur dealers or even museum curators advised collectors what art to buy. Now the decorators hold sway, and at the Windsor sale a decorator’s pastiche pieces outsold real antiques

Biggest Art Nouveau show ever at the V&A

Exhibition promises to be “the largest and most comprehensive exhibition of Art Nouveau ever staged”

Robert Rauschenberg: 'Business sure screwed up the art world universally'

On the occasion of his Guggenheim retrospective, the artist talks about his globe-trotting approach to “the adventure of art”


Book review: Dutch decorative arts

Titus M. Eliëns, Marjan Groot and Frans Leidelmeijer, Dutch Decorative Arts, 1880-1940


Revealed: what happened to the “degenerate” art in Germany’s museums, from G to Z

A 1941 typescript has been discovered that fills in the missing history of 16,588 works of art seized by the Nazis


Books: Edward Lucie-Smith and the visual arts in the twentieth century

This survey covers everything from Impressionism to Damien Hirst. Have we moved from uniformity to diversity or to post-modern incoherence?


Collector profile: Raymond Nasher, the world’s biggest private collector of modern sculpture

The shopping-mall millionare has been wooed by museums all over the world, but Dallas looks set to benefit from generosity in the great American tradition

Victoria and Albert, until 27 July. The cutting edge

Tradition meets trendiness in this huge exhibition of British fashion

American photography at the Victoria and Albert Museum. Vernacular aesthetics and aesthetic vernacular

The organisers propose an opposition between “vernacular” and “aesthetic” photography but the images do not allow it


A Berlin homecoming: Interview with collector Heinz Berggruen on his collection's new home

After leaving Berlin in 1937, Berggruen will be placing his collection - which will go on show this autumn - on a ten-year loan with the Berlin State Museums

Interview with Marcel Duchamp: Life is a game; life is art

From 4 April to 18 July the Palazzo Grassi is showing a 300- work exhibition by Pontus Hulten of the work of Marcel Duchamp, the artist whose ideas have pricked through the whole history of twentieth-century art. Here we publish one of his last interviews, made in 1966

New gallery showcasing 20th-century design opens at the V&A

Spanning the history of consumer design from 1900 to 1992, it aims to explore design ideas, techniques and materials as well as individual pieces and mass-produced objects.


George Costakis' dramatic tale of collecting the Avant-Garde in the Soviet Union: His own words

Some of his most prized works are now on show in the New York Guggenheim exhibition “The Great Utopia: the Russian and Soviet Avant-garde 1915-32”

The fashion for fashion photos: any exhibition that deals with fashion is guaranteed box office success

A rising market for the Vogue shot: two shows, one at the V&A, the other at Hamilton’s

Picasso, Braque, Gris and Léger from the collection of connoisseur and collector Douglas Cooper at County Museum

The scattered works are once again reunited in a comprehensive view of the Cubist movement