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Light or shadow for photography at the V&A?

The Royal Photographic Society’s collection needs a strong advocate within the museum if ambitious plans for its future are to be realised by Martin Roth’s successor

Attacks on culture can be crimes against humanity

Trial in The Hague of Islamic extremist reminds us that the destruction of built heritage and human life are often linked

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As Cuba opens up to the US, the island’s outstanding Modern architecture faces a new threat

Alfredo Jaar on Europe's failure to welcome refugees

A year on from Alan Kurdi's death, only Germany has lived up to Europe's moral imperative to welcome Syria's refugees

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Auction of the late art critic’s collection inspires sadness­—but excitement too

Female Abstract Expressionists were as active as any male

Denver exhibition shows how many women were movers and shakers in the New York School from the start

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A relentless focus on economics has stopped us discussing the intangible things we need

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Artists, architects and curators tell us about the spaces they love—and hate

Orhan Pamuk’s manifesto for museums

Author and museum founder delivers video message to international museum conference in Milan

Brexit: “We have chosen the way of Hogarth over Turner”

Bendor Grosvenor says Britain leaving the European Union could be costly for the arts and art market

What is art for? Taking risks and looking for ‘essential value’

The hedge fund manager and art collector J. Tomilson “Tom” Hill III explains why a work’s staying power is more important than its market price

What is art for? Science shows it’s in the eye—and brain—of the beholder

The Nobel Prize-winning neuro-psychiatrist Eric Kandel explains what happens when we look at art

Furious response to V&A ban on sketching in some exhibitions

A necessary restriction or a betrayal of everything the museum stands for?

Isil rampage: a threat to cultural heritage that belongs to all

James Cuno, the president of the Getty Trust, says the world must find ways to intervene and protect antiquities when nation-states cannot do so <br>

Location, location, location: the real estate lessons to be learned from Ace Gallery’s bankruptcy

How Los Angeles dealer Douglas Chrismas leveraged his property to attract artists, reassure clients, and generate income—even while facing financial disaster

Further exploration at Herculaneum could ‘stagger the imagination’

But some archaeologists argue for conserving what is already uncovered

Sigmund Freud: snubbed by science, embraced by art

The father of psychoanalysis may have fallen from favour in his own field, but today’s artists remain fascinated by his work, 160 years after his birth. Two academics and an artist explain why

Letters to the editor, May 2016

Repercussions of the Knoedler Gallery case

The strange and illogical development of England's national art museums

As the Tate and National Gallery consider the limits of their collections, Giles Waterfield on the latest in a 200-year wrangle between institutions <br>

We should consider a Millennial Society to protect the past

In seeking to carve out our own architectural identity, we are in danger of destroying the precious work of previous generations

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Anyone with a Facebook profile should consider the images of destruction they share on social media

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Despite some similarities between the two, a broader collector base and stronger political will should help China ride out its storm