Interview with Robert Storr: Most theory has little bearing on art

The critic and curator spoke to The Art Newspaper about the role of art theory, and what advice he is giving to his students in today’s artistic climate.


The most important collectors you’ve never heard of: The Van Otterloos

Next year their collection of Dutch and Flemish 17th-century paintings goes on display for the first time in Europe and the US. The couple gave us their first ever interview

Art Baselarchive

My road to Art Basel 2009: Interview with Alicja Kwade

Alicja Kwade on fleeing Poland, working for other artists and winning prizes


Interview with Achim Borchardt-Hume, new chief curator for Whitechapel

Borchardt-Hume on history, community and leaving the Tate


Manuel Borja-Villel: "Reina Sofía can be a 21st-century leader”

Director Borja-Villel is instituting radical changes to Madrid museum


Interview with Robert Storr, director of the 2007 Venice Biennale: "I would recommend dramatically increasing the number of national pavilions"

In the second part of our interview with Storr, he considers the question of how to make the historic event truly representative of today’s global art world


In search of purity out of Africa: Interview with collector Jean Pigozzi

“I feel that at the time of the Medici they had my kind of rapport with their artists”


Interview with Sam Keller: “Art Basel is not a shopping mall”

Fair director Sam Keller believes his greatest achievement has been to combine culture with commerce

Art Baselarchive

"It was the world's most important fair before I came, it is now, and it will continue to be after I've left": Interview with Art Basel director Sam Keller

After his intention to step down from Basel goes public, Sam Keller discusses the fair's evolution, his legacy, and pastures new at the Beyeler Foundation


Interview with His Highness the Aga Khan on Al-Azhar Park and the importance of architecture

In a rare interview, the Aga Khan describes his global approach to helping Islamic communities help themselves, while also restoring their past heritage


Interview with Sherman Lee: “Innovation, wherever it occurs, is ‘modern’, and people could be more modern in ancient times than we are now”

One of the great connoisseurs of our time, the curator of the current exhibition of Chinese art at the Guggenheim talks about Chinese art seen from within and without


Interview with a British dealer Pat Jordan Evans on her gallery's 30th anniversary

An out-of-town gallery thrives on showing gentle, figurative painters


Art is much more important than art history

As Neil MacGregor joins the British Museum as director next month, we publish a valedictory interview with him about the experience he gained leading the National Gallery


Interview with museum director and curator Udo Kittelman: “The curator should never be more important than the artist”

The new director of Frankfurt’s Museum of Modern Art is self taught (he trained as an optician), curator of the German pavilion at this year’s Venice Biennale, and passionately involved in contemporary art


Peter Weibel: “Art has become irrelevant today”

As director of this centre for arts and media technology, Peter Weibel, says that media art can be more politically engaged because it relates to the new technologies and the new economic order

May 2001archive

Interview with economist William N. Goetzmann: 'The financial and the art markets do not crash at the same time'

In 2001, the Yale professor attributed the one- to two-year lag between crashes to the time it takes to liquidate assets


Making up for the government's failures: Interview with Lord Sainsbury

Lord Sainsbury of Preston Candover has provided crucial support for many of Britain’s greatest art institutions

Interview with director Glenn Lowry: Commercial company to be launched by the Museum of Modern Art and the Tate Gallery

Glenn Lowry, director of MoMA, discusses the new internet alliance that marks the first time museums will use their expertise and reputations for online commercial ventures

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Interview with Samuel Keller: Quality, not quantity at Art Basel 2000

The new director of the Swiss fair reveals his plans for its future

May 2000archive

Curator interview: Tate Modern's thematic hang

An exclusive interview with The Art Newspaper about the closely guarded secret: the thinking behind how the Tate Modern has arranged its art

Bill Gates on Leonardo

The Microsoft co-founder speaks about the Italian artist's influence on Beuys ahead of an exhibition in Berlin