Russian artist imprisoned for three and a half years over alleged anti-war supermarket protest

Anastasia Dyudyaeva is the second artist in less than a year to be jailed for allegedly disseminating anti-government messages in such a setting

Sophia Kishkovskyabout 2 hours ago

Protestors at Tate Modern call on arts patron Len Blavatnik to defend ‘press freedom’ in Israel

Activist group claims news channel owned by billionaire cancelled programmes criticising Israeli government

Gareth Harrisabout 3 hours ago

How the ‘world’s most beautiful bookstore’ is fighting misinformation in Portugal

Livraria Lello’s charitable arm, headquartered in a 14th-century Gothic monastery just outside Porto, seeks to educate visitors through its inaugural exhibition

As collectors’ tastes for ornate interiors ebbs, challenges to the trade rise

The popularity of the ‘less is more’ look is putting art and antiques dealers under pressure

Scott Reyburnabout 4 hours ago

New London hub with ‘affordable’ artists studios to rise from ruins of 19th-century warehouse

A scheme by the non-profit Create London will convert the Newham building into a culture and learning centre

Museums & Heritage

Iowa museum becomes first in US to return looted Benin bronzes to royal ruler

The University of Iowa Stanley Museum of Art has defended its decision to hand back two objects to the Oba rather than the government

Mio dio—tourist gets amorous with Bacchus statue in Florence

Art critic Vittorio Sgarbi says though that the act is ‘non-erotic’

UK government commits to building national Holocaust memorial in London

Keir Starmer’s Labour administration is reintroducing a bill that will allow the monument and accompanying learning centre to be built, after the project was challenged in the courts

National Trust for Historic Preservation grants $3m to Black heritage sites across the US

Almost half of the funding will go towards preserving Modernist buildings designed by Black architects

Royal Academy removes works from young artists’ exhibition following accusations of antisemitism

A public letter from the Board of Deputies of British Jews criticised the RA's decision to display the works, and to do so without context


‘Groundbreaking’ UK exhibition spotlights work of disabled, D/deaf and neurodivergent artists

Towards New Worlds brings together the work of 15 creatives, with a key mission being to counter traditionally siloed views of disabled artists’ work

June Clark: the Toronto-based US artist exploring the American flag and its many meanings

The New York-born artist, who has lived in Canada for more than half a century, explains how she bypassed sexism in the 1970s to teach herself photography, and why she will always be connected to the US

Turkish authorities close exhibition on transgender community amid broader LGBTQ+ crackdown

Police officers delivered a notice from a district governor that alleged the show at Depo Istanbul incited the public to hatred

Out of the shadows: the enigmatic art of Mabel Pryde Nicholson celebrated in UK show

The exhibition tells the story of the artist‘s late-flowering but tragically brief career

In Guggenheim exhibition, Jenny Holzer grapples with the post-internet world she helped inspire

A lacklustre show begs the question: can Holzer survive the scrutiny that her institutional exaltation invites in 2024?

Art market

Billionaire collector Ken Griffin buys Stegosaurus skeleton for record $45m at Sotheby’s

This is the most valuable fossil to ever sell at auction, as the market for dinosaur bones continues to climb

Christie’s first half auction sales decline 22% year-on-year, to $2.1bn

But consistent strength in its sell-through rate and Asia Pacific buyer base show the auction house's ‘resilience’ amid obstacles

Paris Gallery Weekend marks a decade of progress

Event’s tenth-anniversary edition celebrated resilience of city’s art trade

What will the UK's new Labour government mean for the art trade?

From the end of tax breaks on overseas income to new anti-money laundering laws, experts weigh in on what we can expect from the change

Marian Goodman Gallery sets opening date and programme for new Tribeca flagship

The 30,000 sq. ft space will debut on 26 October with a group show featuring works by nearly 50 artists

Alfresco photography show honours Brummie giant of poetry, Benjamin Zephaniah

Public art display in Birmingham commemorates the city’s cultural icon

Mio dio—tourist gets amorous with Bacchus statue in Florence

Art critic Vittorio Sgarbi says though that the act is ‘non-erotic’

Oscar Murillo to hand visitors the brush in Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall

The Turner Prize-winning artist is inviting the public to add their own markings to giant canvases in the space as part of a new commission

Nicholas Cullinan's birthday gift for trustee Tracey Emin revealed

The new British Museum director revealed online that he commissioned the jaunty top especially

Alfresco photography show honours Brummie giant of poetry, Benjamin Zephaniah

Public art display in Birmingham commemorates the city’s cultural icon


Alex Janvier, visionary First Nations artist based in Canada, has died, aged 89

A prolific painter helped open doors for contemporary artists at a time when Indigenous art was often confined to ethnographic museums

Remembering Thomas Hoepker, a leading documentary photographer and editor of news reportage

Hoepker used long-form pictorial narratives to deliver nuanced takes on complex realities in a communist East Germany and capitalist United States

Remembering Bill Viola, the artist whose video work expresses the heights and depths of human emotions

The influential American pioneer produced a ground-breaking body of work in partnership with his wife, Kira Perov, over more than 45 years

Audrey Flack, a pioneer of Photorealism, has died, aged 93

A survey of the artist's work from the last four years of her life, will be on view at the Parrish Art Museum this autumn

Remembering the Dutch avant-garde artist Jacqueline de Jong

Her six decade-long career was distinguished by experimentation and humour


Where is the big museum blockbuster on AI?

Even the science-themed PST Art exhibitions, opening in Los Angeles in September, avoid the tech revolutions of our day

Ruins revived: when do overlooked buildings become valued again?

"In England, we still like to talk about the 'dissolution' of the monasteries as if it was a gentle process. Really, it was an annihilation," says Bendor Grosvenor

'We need strong leaders to stand up for the future of UK arts funding'

Hit by austerity cuts and activist boycotts, who is standing up for the arts?

Art of the Ice Age has a lot to teach us—it’s time the British Museum dedicated a gallery to it

The museum is only one of two institutions in the world to see Ice Age art as part of human cultural endeavour, but it needs a proper space to explain and explore this

Welcome to the slow museum, where less is more

In an effort to deepen existing programming and community engagement, some institutions are choosing to stage fewer exhibitions

Green is the New Black

In this monthly column, our correspondent Louisa Buck looks at how the art industry is responding to our climate and ecological crisis

Green is the new black | Yinka Shonibare's Serpentine show reveals what cultural exchange can do for the climate crisis

Shonibare, who was raised between London and Lagos, is employing his socially engaged practice to tackle the complex relationship between colonialism and ecological devastation

Decoding Korea

From Korea to the world: Olympics exhibition will immerse visitors in the country's complex modern history

As the games open in Paris, the Grand Palais Immersif will show digital, video and VR works by ten contemporary Korean artists alongside pieces by Nam June Paik

In partnership withMinistry of Culture, Sports and Tourism & Korea Arts Management Service


Take a romp through Ancient Rome’s great buildings

Ostensibly a guide to the city's top 50 sites, a new book by Paul Roberts offers far more

Who really was John Soane? The man and manifesto behind the magnificent house museum

Former museum director Bruce Boucher’s room-by-room account of the architect’s collection takes far readers beyond the catalogue

Julius Bryant

‘Viscerally real’: a Caravaggio painting provides inspiration for a newly translated novel

The Italian scholar Alessandro Giardino posits his theories about the Baroque artist’s Seven Works of Mercy in fictional form

Teju Cole's enigmatic new photobook is both peaceful and disturbing

The Nigerian American writer and photographer’s intriguing new book comprises a series of indeterminate images absent of human life, interspersed with enigmatic short stories that raise many unanswered questions

Understanding John James Audubon’s avian genius

Two contrasting studies shine a light on America’s most celebrated ornithological artist

Book Club

Katherine Parr: power, patronage and the first full-length portrait of an English queen

In this exclusive extract from a new book about Henry VIII’s six wives, the art historian Suzannah Lipscomb writes about “perhaps the greatest artistic patron of them all”

Maria Balshaw on the roles of museums today and what Tate’s sponsorship red line is

The Tate director discusses her new book about art institutions and their challenges in the 21st century

An expert's guide to sculpture: five must-read books on the art of the three dimensional

All you ever wanted to know about the topic, from the latest experimentations in contemporary art to some lesser-known Surrealist sculpture—selected by the head of the Henry Moore Institute, Laurence Sillars

Adventures with Van Gogh

Adventures with Van Gogh is a weekly blog by Martin Bailey, our long-standing correspondent and expert on the artist. Published every Friday, his stories range from newsy items about this most intriguing artist to scholarly pieces based on his own meticulous investigations and discoveries.

The Week in Art

A podcast bringing you the latest news from the art world, every week

The Week in Art podcast | Arts and the UK election, ex-Uffizi head fails in Florence mayoral bid, Hank Willis Thomas at Glastonbury

What a change in government might mean for the UK culture sector, a close look at Eike Schmidt’s unsuccessful campaign, and Willis Thomas discusses displaying his new afro pick sculpture at the world’s biggest music festival

A brush with... podcast

A podcast that asks artists the questions you've always wanted to

Podcast | A brush with… Igshaan Adams

An in-depth interview with the artist on his cultural experiences and greatest influences, from Louise Bourgeois’s art to the love poems of Rumi

Hosted by Ben Luke. Produced by David Clack
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News, background and analysis on the latest tech developments—artificial intelligence tools; Web3, the blockchain, NFTs; virtual and augmented reality; social media platforms—and how they affect the art market, museums, artists and curators.

Art-world social media specialists are on the rise—but is the sector really ready for digital success?

Museums are addressing a lack of in-house expertise in creating digital content by hiring from a growing pool of social-savvy freelancers

A piece of the action: museum partnership in New York invites visitors to take home fragments of digital artworks

The Museum of the Moving Image (MoMI) and the Tezos Foundation have teamed up to offer the public a chance to acquire—for no cost—parts of works projected onto a screen in the lobby

Digital artanalysis

As winner of renamed ABS Digital Art Prize is announced, have we reached a turning point for conversations around NFTs and culture?

Geneva-based RVig, who was awarded the prize for a piece inspired by Baudelaire, is hoping for a more nuanced understanding of what NFTs bring to the art world

Crime news

US authorities charge three UK nationals in Evolved Apes NFT fraud scheme

The charges, brought by the office of the Attorney for the Southern District of New York, signal a commitment to pursuing wide-ranging cryptocurrency cases

Two (or more) into one: Urs Fischer invites owners of his digital sculptures to have them remade into a new work

The maverick artist is working with 1OF1, collectors of high-level digital art, to offer owners of his "CHAOS" video sculpture series the chance to have them "fused" into new animations

National Gallery, London: 200th anniversary

The museum has launched a year of celebrations, loans and public events to mark 200 years since the opening of the gallery on 10 May 1824. The collection, now covering international art from the 13th to 19th centuries, has evolved so that, for breadth and quality, it is arguably unmatched by any other single museum in the world.

The National Gallery, London, celebrates its bicentenary with a full-colour Big Birthday Weekend

Music, poetry, and Renaissance selfies are on the menu and—for two nights only—the Trafalgar Square frontage will be lit up with a dazzling, projection-mapped show on the museum's 200-year history

Gabriele Finaldi welcomes a ‘once-in-a-generation’ opportunity to rethink London’s National Gallery

As the London museum celebrates its 200th birthday, its director speaks to The Art Newspaper about plans to reopen the Sainsbury Wing in May 2025, rehang the collection and consider work on a further extension

Revealed: London's National Gallery will stage a Van Gogh blockbuster as part of its 2024 bicentenary celebrations

Star loans include The Bedroom, Garden of the Asylum and—of course—the exhibition will show the museum's own Sunflowers